Welcome to the NPC HQ Kung Fu School!

Please note, there will be NO CLASSES on Monday 1st, Saturday 6th, Monday 8th and Monday 29th of May 2023!



18:00-19:00: Beginners, Children & Parents
19:00-21:00: General Class

LAST SATURDAY of every month:
09:00-10:00 – Beginners, Children & Parents
10:00 – 12:00 – General Class
12:00 – 13:00 – Weapons Class (by invitation only)

Remaining SATURDAYS:
09:00-10:30 – Beginners & parents
10:30 – 13:00 – Adults
NOTE: Every penultimate Saturday will be devoted to SPARRING technique & practice. Please ensure you bring your sparring gear.

* Due to space limitations student places are pre-allocated. Therefore all students (including newcomers) wishing to train with us at HQ need to make a request to have a place allocated and confirmed before they are admitted to class. The class fee (including for newcomers) is required to be paid in advance before you will be admitted.
Please ensure that you have received confirmation that a place has been allocated to you prior to attending as refusal of admission may offend.
Newcomers should email Sifu Nelly at kungfunelly@hotmail.co.uk for further information and payment details. Existing NPC students may contact Sifu Nelly directly as before.

COVID19 Social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be followed throughout. Please ensure you take a measurement of your temperature before leaving for class. If you have a temperature of 37C and above or have any COVID19-like symptoms, please DO NOT ATTEND. Wearing a mask is still compulsory, unless you are exempt.


THURSDAY ZOOM Classes will continue and commence at 19:00

End of training year message to HQ STUDENTS and ZOOM students – 2022

For us in the Shaolin Gaocan System, our training year ends at the culmination of the Cho Si month, annual weekend and annual dinner.

That is alike to the festivities that agrarian folk from oriental cultures consider as their harvest end festivities where the families and friends gather together to relax and enjoy their season of hard work in the full knowledge that the whole cyclic drama of life and growth will begin again soon.

For us too the colder months are time to reflect, spend some contemplative time with our minds, our souls, our families and our Art.

So for us the season of renewal begins in December of each year in preparing the earth and soil for next year’s planting, and spending time to strengthen our wills and bodies and re-yoke ourselves to the wheel.

That is the way it is for us in Shaolin Gaocan.

Having now had a successful Cho Si annual course this year in 2022, it is not the time to rest on our laurels but to gird ourselves in preparation for the coming time and further challenges.

It is the time for me, as the Sifu and the bearer of the torch to renew my own pledge to my teachers and to reaffirm my belief as I have often mentioned – the following truths will always be the case:

1. We can if we try but only if we work with diligence.

2. Our worst enemies are not out there – they are within for our enemy is ourselves.

3. The Ego will ruin your Art and in doing so will despoil your character.

4. Always have good compassion and patience in teaching and in life.

5. Spend time alone to meditate and reflect

To end this message which I ask those of you who are also instructors, to share this with your students.

I attach an image which speaks volumes about the “EGO SUPREME”


29th November 2022


NPC HQ is the centre where the Chief Instructor of the system Sifu Christopher Lai Khee Choong is based.

We have several clubs in London as well as in Europe and around the world. We are members of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), the national governing body for Chinese martial arts recognised by UK Sport (formerly the Sports Council).

Why Do Kung Fu?

If you ever wanted to do an activity that is a lot of fun and helps you get fitter, stronger and gain more confidence, then Kung Fu is something for you!

Kung Fu challenges you in ways like no other sport or gym work out could ever do and is something you can practise anywhere.

Our students have benefited from a range of things such as:

  • Losing weight and getting fit
  • Greater Self confidence
  • Stress relief
  • Making new friends
  • Learning something new
  • And more importantly, having fun!

What we do

The style we practise is very broad based and encompasses a variety of things, such as striking, joint locks, traditional weapons and some amazing Shaolin Animal styles.

Because our style is quite vast, our students benefit from learning a variety of different things. Our classes are designed in a way that allows you to progress at your own pace with the additional benefit of training with some of our more experienced students who will help guide you through the class. We foster an environment that everyone learns and helps each other.

We truly believe our style has something for everyone!

Classes for kids

We have dedicated classes for young people from the ages of 6 and upwards. These classes involve training techniques found in the general class to instill technical skills and discipline, but with some fun and games to help stimulate learning and motivate young people. This will help not only with the young person’s personal development in terms of their martial arts practice, but interaction with a range of other people in their class allows friendships to develop and flourish. Training with us also keeps young people fit and healthy, and boosts self-esteem. Progression to the general class depends on the age, development and understanding of the student. As a general rule, students aged 14 and upwards are suitable for the general class where more technical exercises and drills are taught.

Our classes are controlled environments with all our Instructors and Black Belts DBS checked to give parents peace of mind. We have our own mats, and these are installed at times if certain exercises in that class require it. Indeed, the laying of mats encourages young people to work in teams to lay them correctly as quickly as possible.

Parents are welcome to observe any class their child participates in, and this gives your child comfort, particularly when starting out. Parents are also welcome to participate in a class together with your child; please ask to do so. As a matter of courtesy, we would appreciate a call or email from you indicating your intention to come and observe a class, or to have your child train with us. You may also wish to further discuss your child’s training needs prior to your first class.

Classes for adults

Our adult classes are a great way to expand your horizons, make new friends and learn something new. The classes are two hours in duration and cover a a number of different activities such as Self Defence, General Fitness, Pad work and traditional kung fu forms.