About Us

About the Club

Beginning Training

SQR Security Building
Unit 2, Hawthorn Business Park

165 Granville Road,
Childs Hill,

SQR Security Building,
Unit 2, Hawthorn Business Park

165 Granville Road,
Childs Hill,


Underground Station: Golders Green (Northern Line, Edgware branch)
Buses: 102, 226
Parking: There is NO parking available inside the grounds.  Make sure to check the relevant parking signs.

*Please note that we are still following COVID19 protocol through class: temperature taken upon arrival, wearing a mask during class (unless exempt), sanitising equipment after use.

Venue: SQR Gym
18:00-19:00: Beginners, Children & Parents
19:00-21:00: General Class

 1st Saturday of every month 
Venue:SQR Gym
09:00-10:00 – Beginners, Children & Parents
10:00 – 12:00 – General Class
12:00 – 13:00 – Weapons Class (by invitation only)

 Remaining Saturdays 
Venue:SQR Gym
09:00-10:30 – Beginners & parents
10:30 – 13:00 – Adults


Per Session: £12
Adults per month: £50
Under 16’s per month: £35
Payable in advance by bank transfer. Monthly rates are available for families.

For further information, please contact:

07522 409 188 (Nelly Low)

Entering, Leaving and Presence in the Kwoon

When entering the kwoon students must bow towards the photographs of Cho-Si and Sigung, and your Sifu if he is present.

– The door should be closed behind you unless someone else is entering/leaving the kwoon behind you, or the door is fixed open.
– The first students to arrive should sweep the floor of the kwoon and clear away any rubbish that may be left lying around, and the near side of the stage prepared with chairs for any parents or guests. Any mats or tables etc on the stage should be moved to the far side of the stage to discourage people from sitting on that side of the stage.
– When arriving at the kwoon your belongings should be placed neatly on the far side or along the front of the stage, away from the entry of the Kwoon. Parents and guests are to be seated on the near side of the stage.
– On entering the kwoon, any hats or sunglasses shall be removed from the head.
– No food or drink shall be consumed within the kwoon except where Sifu permits a water break.
– The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the kwoon and must be switched off or to silent mode before entering.
– Silence must be observed when sitting and observing the class
– If you need to leave the kwoon during class, e.g. to use the toilet, you should seek Sifu’s permission before doing so.
– When seated in the hall you should never have your legs extended, unless, for example, when stretching.
– If you are late for class, you must wait at the front of the class to bow to Sifu and the class to acknowledge the fact that your lateness is disrupting the class. You will be penalised for your lateness, for example, by doing push-ups.
– If you will not be attending class for any reason, out of courtesy you should let Sifu know via Dai sijie Nelly so that your absence with apologies can be noted. This is the case for each and every class.


Dress and personal Hygiene

– All students should wear as a minimum: system training pants, a system T-shirt and the appropriate coloured belt. Beginners may wear a plain T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms for the first two months of training, and then system kit should be purchased.
– Full uniform (tunic, pants and belt) must be worn at gradings.
– All uniform should be clean and pressed.
– Hands and feet should be washed before class or gradings.
– Longer length hair should be tied or clipped back.
– All jewellery must be removed or taped down. It is your responsibility to tape jewellery down and the tape in the first aid kit is not there for this purpose. If jewellery is not removed, you will not be permitted to train.
– Finger and toenails should be kept short and tidy.
– If your uniform requires straightening or your belt needs to be re-tied, you must face away from Sifu and all your seniors while tidying uniform or belt.
– Any orders or requests regarding uniform or merchandise should be addressed to Dai sijie Nelly, not Dai siheng Jerome.

Membership and Class Fees

– You should keep a note of when your membership is due to expire. You will be sent reminders regarding upcoming membership expiry dates. If your renewal membership form is not submitted two lessons after expiry, you will not be allowed to train. This is for your own and for your fellow students’ safety.
– Monthly fees may be paid during the first two classes of any calendar month only. Sessional fees are payable thereafter.


– All students should attend all gradings where possible, even if not grading, to support their brothers and sisters who are grading.
– Attendance at gradings by all students Blue Belt and above is mandatory and students should be in full uniform in order to assist with the grading.
– Gradings take place in London every March, June, September and December. Students must take some responsibility for their own learning and request assistance from a senior student (not necessarily a black Belt) at least one month before the grading to ensure that they know their syllabus.
– Dami and Sidd will decide who is permitted to grade. Do NOT approach Sifu, Dai siheng Jerome or Dai sijie Nelly. As members of the Examining Board, it is not appropriate for them to decide who should grade. Students should also remember that by virtue of training with Sifu Lai, a higher standard is expected of you, so you should not be offended if permission to grade is refused.